Thank you for integrating the Chimney API into your application. To ensure a consistent and recognizable brand experience for our users, please adhere to the following branding requirements:

Chimney Logo

An approved Chimney logo must be prominently displayed adjacent to any data sourced from the Chimney API. This placement should clearly indicate that the displayed data originates from Chimney. The Chimney logo should be linked directly to our website,, unless otherwise specified or requested by Chimney.

Chimney Estimate™

When displaying a Chimney Estimate valuation, it is essential to use the label "Chimney Estimate™" directly adjacent to the valuation. This label ensures clear attribution to Chimney and helps users identify the nature of the displayed information. While you can use terms such as "estimated value" or "home value estimate" as descriptions, they should not replace the label "Chimney Estimate™" itself.

Approved "Powered By" Logo

Please refer to the approved Chimney logo provided by our branding guidelines. This logo is the only permissible representation of the Chimney brand in your application. Ensure that you utilize the latest version of the logo as specified in our branding materials.

By adhering to these branding requirements, you contribute to maintaining a cohesive brand identity for Chimney across different platforms and applications. If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding branding, please contact our brand management team at [email protected].