The Notification Endpoint allows clients to configure preset messages and alerts for customers based on specific targeting and frequency criteria. Clients can utilize this endpoint to send notifications through various channels, including Email, Push Notifications (iOS/Android), and SMS.

Notification Types

The following notification types are available:

Event TypeDescriptionChannels
Home Insights ReportProvides monthly home insights reportEmail, Push, SMS
Debt ConsolidationNotifies about debt consolidation offersEmail, Push, SMS
Renovation ROINotifies about renovation return on investmentEmail, Push, SMS
Offers SummaryProvides a summary of available offersEmail, Push, SMS
New Offer AlertAlerts about new offersEmail, Push, SMS

Sample JSON Response

The response from the endpoint follows the JSON format below:

  "push": {
    "iOS": "Your new home value is in!",
    "Android": "Your new home value is in!",
    "URI": ""
  "email": {
    "subject": "Your Home Insights Report",
    "preheader": "Your new monthly home report is in!",
    "body": "Dear homeowner,\n\nWe're excited to share your latest Home Insights Report. Find out the current value of your new home and get valuable monthly insights. Click the button below to view your report.\n\n[View Home Insights Report](\n\nThank you for choosing our services!\n\nBest regards,\nThe Home Insights Team",
    "url": ""
  "sms": "Your new monthly home report is in! Log in to your account at to view the report."

In the sample JSON response above, each channel's messaging is as follows:

  • Push notifications (iOS/Android): The message states, "Your new home value is in!" This concise notification is designed to capture the user's attention and prompt them to take action. It is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The associated URI directs the user to further information at ""

  • Email: The subject line of the email is "Your Home Insights Report," indicating the purpose of the message. The preheader text reads, "Your new monthly home report is in!" This brief introduction provides a sneak peek into the email's content. The email body includes a personalized greeting, introduces the Home Insights Report, and invites the recipient to click a button that leads to the report at "" The closing section expresses gratitude and includes a signature from "The Home Insights Team."

  • SMS: The SMS message says, "Your new monthly home report is in! Log in to your account at to view the report." This concise message informs the recipient about the availability of the monthly home report and provides instructions to access it via ""