Owners are the equivalent of users in the Home Tracker API. There are five main owner API functions that you will need to use.

Create OwnerThis endpoint generates a unique owner ID that can be used to identify owners in the system.
Verify OwnerThis endpoint associates an owner with a property or a list of properties. It also verifies the ownership of the specified properties by the owner.
Retrieve Owner DataThis endpoint retrieves the most up-to-date data available for the specified owner. It provides a comprehensive response containing property summary and home equity summary information.
Update Owner DataThis endpoint enables organizations or owners to update specific attributes of the owner's data. It allows modifications to be made to the owner's information while preserving the existing data.


This API documentation provides an overview of the owner-related endpoints available in the Chimney API. By utilizing these endpoints, you can create, verify, retrieve, update owner data within the Home Tracker API. For more detailed information on request/response formats and available parameters, refer to the specific endpoint documentation.