The Retrieve Property Report API provides a way to retrieve detailed property reports based on a given full address and applicant's or co-applicant's full name. The API returns comprehensive information about the property, including property details, flood zone information, utilities, legal information, interior details, ownership information, building information, external improvements, tax and assessment details, sales history, active mortgages, equity analysis, recently sold comparables, and automated valuation models.


GET /property/report


The following parameters are required for retrieving the property report:

  • address (string): The full address of the property, including City, State, and ZIP.
  • applicant_name (string): The full name of the applicant (and co-applicant).

Report Formats

The API supports multiple response formats for the property report:

  • PDF: The property report will be delivered as a PDF document.
  • HTML: The property report will be delivered as an HTML document.
  • JSON: The property report will be delivered as a JSON object.

The desired response format can be specified using the Accept header in the API request.



GET /property/report?address=610+CLAREMORE+DR,+WEST+PALM+BEACH+FL+33401&applicant_name=John+Doe
Accept: application/json

PDF Report


If the API encounters an error during the request, it will return an appropriate HTTP status code along with an error message in the response body. Possible error codes include:

  • 400 Bad Request: Indicates that the request is malformed or missing required parameters.
  • 401 Unauthorized: Indicates that authentication credentials are missing or invalid.
  • 403 Forbidden: Indicates that the requested operation is not allowed.
  • 404 Not Found: Indicates that the specified resource was not found.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: Indicates that an unexpected error occurred on the server.

Please refer to the specific error message in the response for further details on the encountered error.